love your skin

It's only the largest organ on your body and lets face it, it's in 100% of your selfies. Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle. Invest in your skin today, your future self will thank you.



flawless results

Great spray tans don't just happen by accident, they happen by proper maintenance and utilizing the right products. All  the products at Sol are specifically formulated for sunless tanning and are key to a beautiful sunless tan with lasting results.





Indulge your skin to an enriching skin treatment

  • 100% Natural DHA

  • Organic Aloe Vera

  • Soothing Anti Oxidants

  • Multi Vitamins A, C & E

  • Rich Botanicals & Fruit Extracts


just act natural...

You won't find any harsh alcohols or chemicals at Sol.

We believe that natural ingredients make the best quality products for your skin.

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